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4G hotspot and what are its peculiarities

Hotspot 4G pro
4G hotspot

Hotspot 4G Bouygues, Hotspot 4G Orange, Hotspot Huawei, Hotspot 4G Free, Hotspot 4G SFR … Whether you are on one side or the other, you have inevitably heard of a 4G hotspot at least once lately.

Let’s start with a brief summary, a mobile hotspot is a device integrating both a 4G modem to connect to the internet anywhere and also a Wi-Fi access point in order to be able to share the connection with several people / devices in same time. And depending on your needs, getting a 4G wifi hotspot can be useful on a daily basis! That’s why in this article, we’re going to dispel your doubts and explain to you why to use a 4G hotspot and what its peculiarities are.

What is a 4G hotspot?

4G hotspot

First, beware of the most common confusion you notice when it comes to internet connection sources: a 4G hotspot is NOT the same as a 4G dongle. A 4G key plugs into the USB port of a tablet or computer and will allow this device, and only this one, to connect to the web.

Conversely, a 4G mobile hotspot will allow you to connect up to a dozen devices to the Wi-Fi that will be created. The maximum number may vary depending on the model in your possession and whether it is a professional or industrial or large public quality reference. A 4G hotspot is a relatively small, lightweight, self-contained device that will allow everyone around you to connect to the 4G network at the same time as you.

Professional versions

In both business and industry, a 4G hotspot is generally used in several ways:

  • As a backup connection that takes over from a terrestrial internet connection that no longer works (a bit like 4G routers)
  • As an auxiliary connection for remote control for technicians
  • As a single and secure connection bridge for an editor, technician or supplier to be able to connect to a remote machine for maintenance

A nomadic or central router

A 4G wifi hotspot is a nomadic router. There are two types of equipment: A battery version and a version that requires an AC outlet.

Usually the battery-powered versions, also called “The Pocket Router” are primarily intended for use in the general public for back-up use. For example, the main telephone operators and Internet providers in France offer it.

The mains versions are more often intended for professional or permanent use. They are used, for example, in companies which today only have access to very low speeds via ADSL.

How does a 4G hotspot work?

Antenne 4G
4G hotspot

It’s very simple, you put a SIM card that will be linked to the chosen package, you turn on the hotspot, you choose a password (a key), as for the usual Wi-Fi box, you choose a name that will be associated to the Wi-Fi network so that everyone can recognize it on any device and presto, let’s go! Anyone who has the password will be able to join the created network and enjoy the Internet.

The professional versions offer many more options for network configuration, failover etc …

An adapted package

However, be careful! In a consumer Wi-Fi hotspot there will only be one sim card. Who says “a single SIM card” says “a single package” and who says “a single package” says … “it goes quickly if there are several on it”. You will have to take into account the number of gigas contained in your package before sharing your connection with the whole world! If you are with your family, for example, do a kind of simulation before signing your contract, preview your needs and those of your children during the trip to avoid running out of water well before arrival, and choose the package ideal. Also be aware, if your needs are great, that there are unlimited plans for 4G wifi hotspots.

Dual SIM for professionals

In the industrial and professional fields, it is not uncommon to find dual SIM 4G Wifi hotspot routers. They can therefore contain two SIM cards and meet the constraint of limiting the Giga package used. However, this also has the advantage, for the more complete versions, of being able to aggregate bands. Thus, depending on the number and the quality of the 4G bands accessible, the router will offer a much higher speed.

In addition, there are 4G frequency bands that are very popular in France because they are particularly deployed in areas that are not currently covered and offer interesting distances. We will take for example the band 28, also called B28 which works on a frequency of 700Mhz. Usually professional versions of this type of network hardware are compatible with this band.

What are the special features of a 4G hotspot?

antenne 4G schématique

Here is a list of features that make the 4G hotspot unique and ideal, if you have the profile:

  • The connection quality of a 4G mobile hotspot is much better than that of a smartphone sharing its Wi-Fi network from its 4G connection: a smartphone is not made to turn into a hotspot and although this can help every now and then sharing more than 2 makes the connection poor and your battery might take a hit.
  • A 4G hotspot is an ideal nomadic router for a nomadic human being: if you are a frequent traveler who needs internet everywhere without constraints for your work or for your personal hobbies, the hotspot is the best solution in terms of quality and ease of transport.
  • The router / hotspot can also be used as a backup connection in a company if the ADSL or fiber network should no longer function. There are even versions that have this feature that applies automatically.
  • Professional versions can generally be equipped with 2 SIM cards
    Some versions offer advanced hotspot, network configuration and router configuration functions.
  • The speed of a nomadic router can reach up to 150 Mb / s, a huge performance gap with its ancestor, the 3G dongle, which only reached a tiny 20 Mb / s.
  • No more need for a USB port! The 4G hotspot is the solution for devices without a SIM card and / or without a USB port.
  • Some products offer centralized administration through specific applications.

A 4G hotspot for all needs

In conclusion, here are the typical profiles of those who will enjoy 100% of the 4G hotspot without any regrets:

  • The Digital Nomad who travels as much as he works via the internet all over the world;
  • The traveler who goes on a mop with all his troop and must fill them during the trip;
  • The cool friend who shares his connection on the beach with his friends while on vacation;
  • Anyone who needs a connection anywhere with a device without a USB port and without a SIM card.
  • But also the technician on the move
  • The company looking for a backup solution
  • Machine builders who want to be able to do preventive maintenance remotely without using the constraints of their customers’ network connection

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