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Building automation

Building automation is a facility management system that enables the control and monitoring of a building’s equipment and services. Buildings can include offices, hospitals, shopping centers, factories, and homes. Building automation can help improve energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and maintenance of buildings.

Building automation utilizes technologies such as computer, electronics, communication, and sensors to control the building’s equipment and services. The equipment and services that can be controlled include lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, shades, doors, surveillance cameras, security systems, and elevators.

Building automation reduces energy consumption and operating costs. For example, motion sensors can be used to turn on lights only when someone is in the room, which saves energy. Similarly, temperature control systems can be used to adjust the temperature based on the presence or absence of people in the room, which can also save energy.

Building automation can also improve building safety. Access control systems can be used to limit access to secure areas, while surveillance cameras can be used to monitor sensitive areas of the building. Alarm systems can also be integrated to report any intrusion or emergency situation.

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