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Cloud-connected sensor for remote monitoring of equipment

This article comes in addition to the first article “XIOT”.
The Internet of Things (Internet of Things or IoT) refers to the extension of the Internet to connected objects.
Telemecanique Sensors (Schneider Electric) offers a wireless solution for collecting data from remote equipment and for using this data, via the Internet, on a PC or on mobile devices.
The XIOT communication offer from Telemecanique Sensors (2) is based on an LPWAN (Low Power Wide Aera Network) type network, operated by Sigfox.

Cloud-connected sensor for remote monitoring of equipment

The Sigfox network, with 32 countries covered, is already very extensive in Europe.
It is rapidly deploying in the United States, Asia and the Pacific region.
It is made up of receiving antennas with a range of around 50 km.
To find out the areas covered by the Sigfox network, consult the map on the site:

In the event of a change in the state of the contacts of the sensor installed on the site (1), the transmitter (2) sends a message to a specific network (LPWAN type) “IoT” (3), then routed to the secure servers ( 4).
This message is then delivered, in the form of an alert, to one or more recipients, on a PC, tablet or smartphone (5).

The Sigfox network
  • Ready for EcoStruxure EcoStruxureTM is Schneider Electric’s IOT technology platform.

For areas without power supply or difficult to access

The XIOT offer makes it possible to signal a significant or abnormal change of state in the equipment.

  • In the agricultural sector,
  • Irrigation systems (monitoring of pressure thresholds),
  • Buildings and livestock equipment (position of hatches and doors),
  • HVAC…,
  • In water treatment (pumping, tank monitoring),
  • Treatment plants,
  • Valves,
  • Locks…,
  • On mining and quarry sites (monitoring the state of emergency stops)
  • Conveyors,
  • Conveyor belts

Real-time alerts via the cloud

With the XIOT solution from Telemecanique Sensors, we have, in real time, reliable and precise data on the installations.
These data can be configured as needed for:

  • Exploitation,
  • Receipt of alerts,
  • History …

The information is delivered on PCs, tablets or smartphones to one or more recipients, in the form of emails and notifications.
Connections are also offered for the integration of information into SCADAs (data acquisition and control systems).

Reduce operational downtime

  • Optimized production.
  • Direct alert addressed to the personnel concerned.
  • Easier diagnosis.

Plan and reduce maintenance

  • For a better rate of machine availability.
  • For greater process reliability.

3 solutions to choose from

(1) Prices and conditions available on the e-payment site:


Exploitation tools

Configuration / Access to user data from a web browser

  • Creation of a user account protected by password.
  • Enrollment and configuration of transmitters associated with the account:
  • Alert configuration:
    – Opening and / or closing of one of the contacts connected to the transmitter.
    – Discharge of the internal battery.
    – Abnormal frequency of sending alerts.
    – Type of alert (e-mail, smartphone notification)
    – Recipient (s) of alerts
  • Geographic position of the transmitter (manual entry).
Exploitation tools


  • Status of each contact connected to each transmitter.
  • History of events transmitted by each transmitter.
  • Quality of the signal received from each transmitter.
  • Purchase of online services on the site (for reference XIOT11SE0 MRCL only).

Dedicated smartphone application

  • Available for IOS and Android, this application allows you to receive alerts from transmitters in the form of notifications (requires internet data access).
  • The application also allows you to view the status of transmitters associated with the user account and to facilitate the enrollment of a transmitter on an account by reading its QR code.
Dedicated smartphone application

Autonomous transmitter connected by LPWAN radio link (Low Power Wide Area Network)

Up to 10 years of autonomy

  • Powered by an integrated lithium battery, with a lifespan of over 5 years (up to 10 years for 2 frames per day).
  • Protection index IP 66, equipped with a waterproof case, with a cable outlet (4-wire PVC, allowing 2 dry contacts to be connected).
  • Enrollment of the transmitter from a smartphone application or a web page.
  • Supplied with an external magnet, for activation.
  • Screw fixing.
Autonomous transmitter connected by LPWAN radio link

A complete range of associated sensors

XM pressure sensors

  • Electromechanical pressure switches and vacuum switches for control circuits.
  • Fluids detected: air, fresh water, sea water, hydraulic oils, corrosive fluids and pasty products.

XC position switches

  • Metal or plastic position switches, miniature or classic format, industrial format EN 50041, compact format CENELEC EN 50047, etc.
  • Position switches dedicated to lifting, handling and belt offset control applications.

XIOT sensors are operated on radio networks which can be disturbed by external sources. In addition, permanent access to data and services via the Internet is dependent on third party operators and cannot be 100% guaranteed. Therefore, the system should not be used for critical alerts.



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