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Commissioning Variable speed drive ATV31 – Run the motor

Important precision

Schneider delivers new drives pre-configured in the same way.

This set of parameters is called “Factory setting”.

It is possible to return to the factory setting at any time:

This sheet considers that:

  • the parameters are at the factory setting (for a new product out of the box).
  • the motor to be driven is a classic 50 Hz squirrel cage motor and not a synchronous or slip-ring motor
  • the motor to be driven is of the same rating as the motor
  • the commissioner knows how to use the graphic terminal or the display (validation, tree structure)


  • Bridge terminal AI1 (analog reference) to terminal +10.
  • Bridge the LI1 terminal to the + 24V terminal


Warning: check that the switch SW1 is in the “source” position

Forward direction

As soon as LI1 is bridged, the drive will immediately start the motor in the Forward direction and make it reach the speed written in the HSP (High Speed) parameter, ie: 50 Hz ~ 1500 rpm for a conventional motor.

Reverse direction

To rotate the motor in reverse direction, bridge terminal LI2 to terminal +24

Acceleration and deceleration ramps

Whatever the direction, the drive will respect the acceleration and acceleration ramps of the ACC and DEC parameters set at 3 seconds.

To decrease or increase the speed, the acceleration and deceleration ramps

Go to the SET menu and modify the LSP, HSP, ACC and DEC parameters. Example for the HSP parameter: SET HSP menu = 40 (if the desired speed is 40Hz)


Instead of strapping LI1 and the polarity, use the contact of a rotary button or a push button or a PLC output.


If this operating mode is sufficient, finalize the commissioning with items 7 and 8:

• Motor thermal protection,

• Self-tuning,

NSt fault:

If the Nst fault appears on power-up, apply section 9.

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