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Download AutoCad 2020 software for Windows 64-bit

AutoCAD version 2020 is a computer-aided design (CAD) software developed by Autodesk. It is an updated version of AutoCAD, which is widely used around the world for creating 2D and 3D drawings in many fields such as architecture, engineering, mechanics, electrical, mapping, and 3D modeling.

One of the most significant updates in AutoCAD 2020 is the enhanced user interface, which features a new dark theme and updated icons for better visibility and readability. Additionally, a new Quick Measure tool has been added to quickly determine distances and angles, reducing the need for additional calculations.

Another notable improvement in AutoCAD 2020 is the enhanced block palette. The updated palette allows users to organize and manage blocks more efficiently, making it easier to access frequently used blocks and reduce the time needed to locate specific blocks.

AutoCAD 2020 also includes several performance improvements for faster zoom, pan, and regen times. This makes working with large and complex drawings much more efficient, allowing designers to focus more on the design process rather than waiting for the software to catch up.

In addition to performance improvements, AutoCAD 2020 also includes new cloud storage connectivity, making collaboration and file sharing seamless. This feature allows users to store and access their files in the cloud directly from within AutoCAD, which can be especially useful for teams working on the same project.

Finally, AutoCAD 2020 includes enhanced PDF import and export capabilities, allowing users to import PDFs more accurately and export files with improved visual fidelity. This can be especially useful for sharing designs with clients who may not have access to AutoCAD software.

Overall, AutoCAD 2020 offers several new and improved features to enhance design efficiency, collaboration, and file management, making it an excellent choice for design professionals in a variety of fields.

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87 thoughts on “Download AutoCad 2020 software for Windows 64-bit

  1. Nakoniloh SORO

    Very good

  2. mohmed shaban

    i want to download auto cad

  3. mohmed shaban

    i want download autocad

  4. Samuel Steven

    Very good

  5. tos

    Please the link is not loading, can you please send the link to my email. or repost it.

  6. georgegalily

    Thank You very much here is a usefull
    program for rapid AutoCad print with AutoCadPrPrev v2.7

  7. MaxPower

    The link isn’t working for me, can you send to my email please?

  8. Would like to download Auto cad 2020

  9. Juned

    It is FRECH version. Don’t you have English version?
    Is it full version or trial?

  10. Michelle

    Hi there, for some reason, the file shows corrupt and can’t be open. Can you email me the file? Thank you.

  11. Michelle

    The downloaded file is somehow corrupt. Can you please sent me the file via email? Thank you so much.

  12. jj

    it says that the app cannot run on my computer. why?

  13. Brian Lariza

    Can you send me link for the file i cant download it. when i extract wont go archive error stop installation stop. thanks!

  14. okkacha

    I want downlod twido not autocad 2020

  15. Mohit Chauhan

    I need Autocad 2020 for personal use

  16. Is there a version of AutoCad that only caters for architectural uses? If so, can you please send me a link to my email.

  17. Deng Kwan Ho

    I would like to download cad

  18. Deng Kwan Ho

    I would like to download cad.

  19. ovantae chamberlin

    can u please send the link

  20. It is a very good Supeter

  21. Neda

    I can’t find the link!! where is the download link? would you email me Please?


  23. Anu

    ActCAD is AutoCAD Alternative with life time validity

  24. Fernando

    I need the link for AutoCAD 2D, please!

  25. AutoCAD_2020_French_Win_64bit_wi_fr-FR_Setup
    After downloading the setup above and trying to run it, an error is shown. What should i do?
    Thanks so much

  26. Extracting files to C:\Autodesk\AutoCAD_2020_French_Win_64bit_wi_fr-FR folder
    Extracting from AutoCAD_2020_Anglain_Win_64bit_wi_fr-FR_Setup.exe
    Checksum error in Setup\AdpSDKCore.dll
    Unexpected end of archive

    This is what am experiencing

  27. susan

    hi there, i cant install the autocad. is it because my laptop windows 11? it says the file corrupt..?

  28. sam

    bro can u plz send me link on mmy email

  29. Kerumbe Julius

    I cannot find the Link for the download

  30. Ganesh Bankar


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