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Download STEP 7 software Version 5.5

STEP 7 is the basic software package for configuring and programming SIMATIC automation systems. It is part of the SIMATIC software industry. The STEP 7 basic package is available in several versions:

STEP 7-Micro / DOS and STEP 7-Micro / Win for simple stand-alone applications on SIMATIC S7 – 200.

STEP 7 for applications on SIMATIC S7-300 / 400, SIMATIC M7-300 / 400 and SIMATIC C7 with additional functions:

  • Possibility of expansion through applications offered by the SIMATIC software industry (see also Expansion possibilities of the STEP 7 basic software)
  • Possibility of parameterization of function modules and communication modules
  • Forcing and multiprocessor operation
  • Global data communication
  • Event-controlled data transfer using communication blocks and function blocks
  • Link configuration

STEP 7 is the subject of this user manual, STEP 7-Micro is described in the “STEP 7-Micro / DOS” documentation.

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