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Download the ALPHA MITSUBISHI PLC hardware guide

The simple, friendly ALPHA MITSUBISHI PLC OR α Series has been designed for use around your home, office, factory…. anywhere that requires a flexible supervisory control function. Every module allows you to read signals and set outputs according to particular conditions or time settings defined by you, the user. Plus the built-in programmable display allows you to check the status of your system anytime.

Special features of the α Series system are:

• Direct (on-device) programming capability

• High current output capability

• Small size

• Easy access programming port

• EEPROM cassette program storage capability

• Built-in Real Time Clock as standard

• Windows based programming package, AL-PCS/WIN-E

• Plus a full range of support documentation and Training packages

The α Series is designed to be used in the following automatic applications: lighting, air conditioning, irrigation, doors, gates, simple security systems, greenhouses, air fans, etc. The Real Time Clock can be used as a power saving device to automatically turn the equipment On/Off at scheduled times.

Debug programs carefully before installing in automated equipment. The α Series is not designed to be used in life critical or fail safe applications.

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