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Download the DigiDrive SK drive commissioning guide

Depending on their degree of protection, DigiDrive variable speed drives may include, during operation, bare live parts, possibly moving or rotating, as well as hot surfaces.

Unjustified removal of protections, improper use, faulty installation or unsuitable maneuvering can cause serious risks to people and property.

For further information, consult the documentation.
All work relating to transport, installation, installation
during operation and maintenance must be carried out by qualified and authorized personnel (see IEC 364 or CENELEC HD 384, or DIN VDE 0100 and, as well as the national installation and accident prevention regulations).

For the purposes of these basic safety instructions, qualified personnel are understood to mean persons who are competent in the installation, assembly, commissioning and operation of the product and who have the qualifications corresponding to their activities.

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