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Download the schneider electric TWIDO PLC programming guide

Programmable Logic Controller reads input, controls output, and analyzes based on program logic.

Create a Twido PLC program Including writing a series of instructions written in one of the following languages Twido programming.

The following languages can be used to create Twido Machine programs:

  • Language description list:

The instruction list program consists of a series of Logic expressions, written as a series of Boolean instructions.

  • Ladder diagram language:

Ladder diagram is a graphical representation of logical expressions.

  • Graffiti language:

The grafcet language consists of a series of steps and transitions.

Twido understands the Grafcet list commands, but does not understand the Grafcet graphical representation objects.

Use these operations to create and edit Twido programs The programming language can be run from a personal computer (PC).

Ladder diagram instruction list / reversibility function List of instructions for converting the program to the Ladder diagram language and vice versa.

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Programmation software >>> Twido Suite

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