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Download the sysmac omron PLC programming guide

In order to program the omron sysmac PLCs, in order to manage the CS / CJ series CPUs according to their functional differences due to their upgrades, we have introduced the notion of “card version”. This applies to CS1-H, CJ1-H, CJ1M and CS1D CPUs.

The version number appears to the right of the lot number on the plate
signage of the products affected by this version management mode,
as shown below.

• The version of the CS1-H, CJ1-H and CJ1M CPUs (except for models
economy) manufactured before November 4, 2003 is not indicated
on the CPU (the space reserved for this number, shown above, is empty).

• The CS1-H, CJ1-H and CJ1M CPUs, as well as the CS1D CPUs for systems with
UC only, start at version 2.0.
• CS1D CPUs for duplex CPU systems start with version 1.1.
• CPUs for which no version number is provided are
called UC pre-ver. @. @, such as UC pre-ver. 2.0 and UC pre-ver. 1.1.

You can use CX-Programmer version 4.0 to control the card version by using one of the following two methods.
• Using the API information
• Using information on the manufacture of the card (this method
can also be used for special I / O cards and cards
Note CX-Programmer version 3.3 or earlier does not allow you to check card versions.
API Information
• If you know the device type and CPU type, select them in the Change PLC dialog box, connect online, then
select PLC – Edit – Information from the menus.

Download the guide



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