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Download Unity Pro Version 13 software

Unity Pro overview

Schneider Unity Pro (V13) is available with the software packages: Small (S), Large (L), X Large (XL) and X Large Safety (XLS). The only difference between sizes S, L, XL, XLS is the supported controller part numbers

Unity Pro supports the following hardware platforms (with version V13): Modicon M340, Modicon M580, Quantum, Momentum, Premium and Atrium

M580 programmable PLC with Unity Pro

The software provides the following programming languages for creating the user program: FBD function block diagram; Ladder diagram language (LD); IL instruction list; ST structured text; SFC sequential control; Ladder Logic 984 (LL984). All of these programming languages can be used together in the same project. And all of these languages (except LL984) conform to IEC 61131-3.

Block library The modules included in the delivery of the Unity Pro extension module library range from simple Boolean operation modules, string and array operation modules to modules that control complex control loops. . For a better understanding, organize the different blocks in a bookcase, then break them down into series. These blocks can be used in the programming languages FBD, LD, IL and ST.

The components of the program can be constructed in the following way:

Main task (MAST)

Quick tasks (not for momentum)

1-4 AUX tasks (not applicable to Modicon M340 and Momentum)

Program unit assigned to one of the defined tasks (for Modicon M580 and Modicon M340)

Program unit assigned to one of the defined tasks (for Modicon M580 and Modicon M340)…

The part that manages time control events (Timerx, does not apply to Momentum)

The part that handles hardware control events (EVTx, does not apply to momentum)

Subprogram Section (SR)

System requirements for UnityPro V13

Unity-Pro V13 XL (or S, L, XLS) software requires one of the following operating systems on the terminal:

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit SP1

Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 32/64 bit version

Windows Server 2016

Minimum and recommended terminal configuration using Windows 7 Professional Edition 32/64-bit SP1:

2.4 GHz or better Pentium system processor; recommended: 3.0 GHz.

2 GB of RAM; recommended:

3-4 GB. 8 GB of hard disk space, including memory space for installing software, temporary space for running, and space for saving application programs; recommended: 20 GB.

A monitor that displays SVGA 1024 × 768 or higher resolution in 24-bit high color.

Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device.

Web access, USB port on the computer, etc.

For projects that use DTM (for example: projects that use Modicon M580 controllers), Windows 10 64-bit is recommended.

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