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Download WECON’s V-NET Client Software

V-net Client is a supervision software developed by Wecon Technology Co., Ltd. It is a real-time monitoring tool that enables connection to industrial equipment such as programmable logic controllers, human-machine interfaces, and frequency converters. The V-net Client software is designed to assist users in monitoring, controlling, and managing industrial processes effectively.

The V-net Client software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface with advanced functions for visualizing equipment data, alarms, and events. Users can configure real-time monitoring settings and set alarms for critical events to take immediate actions in case of anomalies.

Furthermore, the V-net Client software has a data recording function that enables users to collect and record real-time data from different equipment. The data can then be analyzed and used to improve equipment performance, reduce downtime, and optimize industrial processes.

The V-net Client software also supports communication with different industrial communication protocols, such as Modbus, OPC, and Ethernet/IP. This allows users to connect to different types of equipment and control systems.

In summary, Wecon’s V-net Client software is a powerful and versatile industrial process monitoring and management tool that offers an intuitive user interface, advanced real-time monitoring functions, a data recording function, and compatibility with different industrial communication protocols. This software is designed to help users improve productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize industrial processes.

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