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Download Wonderware InTouch SCADA

InTouch from Wonderware is advanced SCADA software for monitoring and backing up large-area production process data. Devices managed from a single workstation can be connected with OPC client, S7 MPI, S7 PPI, Profinet (S7 1200), Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP / IP, Host Link Protocol (Omron), Mewtocol Protocol ( Panasonic)). Historical data related to the process of our SCADA system is recorded in the database.

The InTouch Scada software consists of two parts: development and execution and has the following functions:

  • Alarms and warnings can be defined for process values. When an alarm or warning occurs, you can monitor it in real time on the screen and notify recipients of emails and SMS.
  • Easily create detailed reports based on historical data and save them in Excel or PDF format.
  • Using recipes, you can send previously saved tag values to the device with just one click.
  • To create an advanced screen interface, WinTr includes: Symbol Factory software contains 4000 industrial symbols in category 60, stunning Dundas graphics (real time, history, pie charts, lines, bars, 3D) and counters (circular, digital , linear, Button),
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Buttons, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, NumericUpDown, Horizontal Scroll Bar, Vertical Scroll Bar, ProgressBar, Datagridview, DateTimePicker, TabControl, GroupBox, PictureBox, TextBox, Toolstrip objects.
  • Visual Basic and C # scripts have unlimited flexibility. Use Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2012) for the database. Limited to 4 GB, unlimited tables, each table is limited to 950 labels.
  • By using the “Server-Client” option, the WinTr station can operate synchronously via the Internet and can monitor the screen on a remote computer via an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer).

Communication :

Client Opc, S7 Mpi, S7 Ppi, Profinet, Modbus Rtu / Tcp Ip, host link (Omron), End Ethernet (Omron), Mewtocol (Panasonic), Slq server input / output, e-mail, SMS (Gsm message)

Scada software object:

Charts (real time, history, pie charts, lines, bars, 3D), meters (circular, numeric, line, buttons), symbol factory, section view, Alarmview, Recipeview, EventView, .Net objects. (Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Combo Boxes, NumericUpDown, Horizontal Scroll Bar, Vertical Scroll Bars, ProgressBar, Datagridview, DateTimePicker, TabControl, GroupBox, PictureBox, TextBox, Toolstrip, Invisible Button, ActiveX, .Net )

Script :

Vb script, synchronous and asynchronous operation of the C # script.

Database :

SQL Server 2005 and all versions are supported.

Report :

SMS and e-mail, printed documents (barcode)

Server and client and WebServer:

Web server

What is the main difference between InTouch Scada software and other SCADAs? Why should we prefer WinTr?

  • InTouch Scada software comes with a free 3-year upgrade warranty.
  • Development of the InTouch Scada software is free and the runtime is sold with the development.
  • Users of InTouch Scada software can benefit from free and unlimited technical support. (By e-mail outside of Turkey) After the project is completed, when you deliver it to the customer, you purchase a license for the InTouch Scada software. (With the demo license, only the first symbol from the symbol factory can be used.)
  • Many other scada software has not been developed on the .NET platform. The .NET platform was born in 2003. However, the InTouch software was developed in .NET2008. Therefore, the development is very easy. In addition, it is compatible with Windows 7 and other operating systems that will be released. The new operating system is compatible with the .NET Framework.
  • Many .NET objects cannot be found from other SCADAs provided in InTouch. Therefore, your project will retain the appearance of Windows 95 and will have the appearance of Vista.
  • They provide the graphics and specifications of the winning graphic objects in 2009.
  • InTouch is the only scada software that uses this version and viewing features.
  • Scada variables are easily accessed using SQL input / output tags. You can easily access other developed programs or Internet or Excel browsers. Many scada software export data to Excel. InTouch can also do this. But the method mentioned here is different. In this way, scala will never be able to achieve excellence. Excel reaches scada via the Excel macro.
  • VB and C # scripts work differently. Scada software has restrictions on script functions. However, InTouch has no restrictions, you can almost do a lot of things by writing scripts just like developing programs on the .NET platform.
  • You can use scripts to access and modify scada information other than scada tags. When such needs arise, we provide information to customers free of charge. We develop some scripts needed for clients, some free cases, some paid cases.
  • The script is first compiled and then saved as a .Net DLL. Then run directly. Therefore, they work faster. Even large operations can be done quickly in scripts.
  • On many scada software, the number of functions that buttons or other objects can perform is limited. However, you can use the InTouch Scada software to perform function 256. If an alarm occurs or the alarm disappears, you can also trigger these functions.
  • Thousands of InTouch scadas can establish full or restricted access to each other through server and client functions.
  • No OPC server is required to connect to automation equipment via S7 MPI, PPI, Profinet, Host-Link and modbus RTU. Email and SMS sent when specified conditions occur.
  • You can use categorized recipes to create many different recipe algorithms.
  • Real-time data monitoring and control can be done through the real-time work function before version 2.0.0
  • The first operating mode activated with a high number tag may be slow. All objects are then disconnected and only function after modifying the value. Therefore, you can develop projects with a large number of tags for slow computers. Higher numbers indicate 20,000 or more tags.
  • In addition to many image files, you can also use animated gif images in the scada page.

InTouch software download

InTouch Scada includes SQL Server 2005

Supported Operating Systems: Win8.0, Win7, Vista, WinXP, Win95, Win98, WinME, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, Win2000, Win2003

InTouch Scada 32 bits.

InTouch Scada 64 bits.

InTouch Scada includes SQL Server 2014

Supported Operating Systems: Win10, Win8.1, Win8.0, Win7, Vista, Win2008Server, Win2008Server R2, Win2012Server, Win2016Server, Win2019Server

InTouch Scada 32 bits.

InTouch Scada 64 bits.

Upgrading SQL Server

Supports all operating systems. But does not include SQL Server. If InTouch Scada is already installed on your computer, you can use this version.

Important! If SQL Server is not installed for InTouch Scada, this version will not work.

InTouch Scada 32 bits & 64 bits sans SQL Server.

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