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Presentation of the programming workshop


Zelio Soft 2 programming software is designed to program logic modules from the Zelio Logic range. Zelio Soft 2 allows you to choose between programming languages, display program and parameter data, upload and download applications, as well as print application documentation.

Programming modes

Logic modules with display:

There are two ways to approach the programming of smart relays with display:

From the front panel of the smart relay (see page 75)
This approach is for people used to programming directly on
logic modules.
NOTE: only possible in LD mode
Drawing :

Logic modules with display

Logic modules without display:

Logic modules without a display can only be programmed from the programming workshop.

Main window of the programming workshop:

Logic modules without display

Languages used

The smart relay offers 2 programming modes:
 LD mode: contact language
 FBD mode: language in function blocks
These languages implement:
 predefined function blocks:
 timers
 counters
 specific functions:
 time management
 character string
 communication ..

Contact language

Ladder language (LD) is a graphic language. It allows the transcription of ladder patterns and is suitable for combinatorial processing.
It provides graphic symbols: contacts, coils and blocks.
The execution of specific calculations is possible inside the operation blocks.
The following example describes a ladder language program in Zelio Logic 2:

Contact language

The maximum number of lines in ladder language is:
 120 lines if an SR2COM01 communication interface is selected in the configuration
 240 lines without SR2COM01 communication interface.

FBD Mode

FBD mode allows graphical programming based on the use of predefined function blocks.
It offers a wide range of functions: timer, counter, logic, etc.
Example of program in FBD.

FBD Mode

Operating mode

The programming workshop allows two operating modes:

Input mode

The input mode is used to build programs in LD or FBD language and corresponds to the development of the application.

Focus mode

This mode is used to finalize the application. This can be done:
 In Simulation mode: the program is run locally directly in the programming workshop (simulated on the PC).
In this mode, each action on the graph (change of state of an input, forcing an output) updates the simulation windows.
 In Monitoring mode: the program is executed on the smart relay and the programming workshop is connected to the module.
The different windows are updated cyclically.
In these two modes, it is possible:
 dynamically display (in the Edit / Supervision / Front panel windows) the status of the outputs and the function blocks of the program corresponding to the wiring sheet;
 to force the inputs / outputs to test the behavior of the program in particular conditions.

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