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EcoStruxure Facility Expert

EcoStruxure Facility Expert: Improve the performance and operational efficiency of buildings while reducing energy costs

With Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Facility Expert, it is possible to take advantage of the latest cloud services and intelligent power grid data acquisition technologies to gain maximum control over operations.

  • Benefit from visibility on energy consumption and the condition of assets.
  • Improve control of energy costs.
  • Maintain the availability of key assets.
  • Optimize maintenance efficiency.
    An installation at your fingertips 24/7.
EcoStruxure Facility Expert


Benefits of EcoStruxure ™ Facility Expert

  • Reduction of operational costs by -8% *.
  • Assurance of business continuity of + 10%.
  • Reduction of the energy bill by -5%.

Source: * Navigant Research CIAT & Trane and The Service Council

EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides real-time visibility into energy costs and performance, helping to improve the efficiency of all buildings.

Benefits of EcoStruxure ™ Facility Expert

Reduce energy costs

  • Monitor energy consumption and track deviations by comparing consumption over different periods of time, different zones or different meters to identify sources of peak consumption.
  • Track power factor and power demand and be alerted to avoid utility company penalties.
  • Improve energy purchases by comparing the different proposed tariffs and by exploiting the data export capacities for energy reporting or for detailed analysis.
  • Simplify benchmarking against local energy performance scales and energy management standards such as ISO 50001 or LEED.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development by displaying the consumption and monthly savings in energy, water and gas.
Reduce energy costs

Improve operational efficiency

By offering a proactive maintenance program, EcoStruxure Facility Expert helps increase the operational efficiency of buildings, prevent power outages and prevent asset outages.

Improve operational efficiency
  • Receive instant alerts in case of problems.
  • View the real-time status of all critical assets and loads to reduce property damage and minimize downtime.
  • Share the installation log with the teams so that everyone receives real-time information and stays connected, even in the field.
  • Access all relevant information, dates, documentation, photos, voice memos, etc. and share them directly with field engineers on their mobile devices to facilitate troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Download preventive maintenance plans and receive reminders to optimize operations.
  • Generate maintenance reports with one click to document work execution and, at the same time, reduce administrative tasks.

Simple application for one or more sites

Simple application for one or more sites
Simple application for one or more sites

Focus on poor performing sites first

  • Examine the state of the sites from a geographical point of view.
  • Monitor overall consumption.
  • Compare energy consumption and use (lighting, heating, etc.) by individual site.
  • Evaluate a particular site against the five best performing sites and the five worst performing sites.

Smart panels provide intelligent power distribution

Smart Panels and Facility Expert are key elements of the EcoStruxure Power architecture.
By combining them, we can:

  • Measure the use, quality and condition of power supplies.
  • Aggregate electrical distribution data.
  • Make real-time information available to all team members on-site and at remote sites.
Smart panels provide intelligent power distribution
  • Clever
    – Diagnosis for operation and maintenance.
    – Integrated and wireless metering.
    – Cybersecurity.
  • Architecture tested and proven
    – Reference design by application.
    – Scalable and future-ready solution.
  • Simple commissioning
    – Plug & play, with auto-discovery.
    – Unique Ecoreach commissioning tool.

With EcoXperts, installation is simple

  • Local Schneider Electric certified partners to design, install and commission EcoStruxure Facility Expert.
  • Entrust the operation to an EcoXpert if desired.

Features of EcoStruxure ™ Facility Expert – Smart Power license

Features of EcoStruxure ™ Facility Expert – Smart Power license

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