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EcoStruxure, schneider electric

EcoStruxure : Innovation at Every Level

Schneider Electric’s interoperable and architectural technology platform “EcoStruxure ™” combines energy, automation and software.
It provides added value in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, durability and connectivity.
Thus, this breakthrough opens the doors to the digital world in key end markets for users, enabling them to compete in the new Internet of Things (IoT) economy.


EcoStruxure enables the massive deployment of IoT (Internet of Things) or Ido (Internet of Things) solutions for the building, infrastructure, industrial and data center markets.

Five IoT Trends

By definition, the Internet of Things is simply the interconnection of physical devices whose purpose is to collect and exchange data via an Internet protocol.
The real power and added value of IoT is revealed when it goes hand in hand with five major technological transformations – those that accelerate the ability to converge OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology) systems:

  • mobility
  • the cloud
  • detection
  • analysis
  • cyber security
Five IoT Trends

Innovating at all levels of Schneider Electric’s technological know-how

EcoStruxure builds on Schneider Electric’s historic leadership in products and systems to deliver the most comprehensive range of interoperable, cloud-connected and / or on-site technological solutions across its three key areas of technological innovation:

> The first area is based on the core competencies of Schneider Electric in the development of connected products with on-board intelligence, such as sensors, low and medium voltage circuit breakers, drives or actuators;

> The second area, edge control, provides businesses with the critical ability to manage their operations on-premises or remotely from the cloud, depending on their needs.
This area includes connected control platforms, accessible remotely and equipped with advanced functionalities in terms of automation and operator control.

Local control and firewall functionalities are also included to maximize the benefit, especially for critical applications;

> The investment in R&D and the development of Schneider Electric’s offer in the critical area of software, analysis tools and services combined with the integration of recent acquisitions such as Invensys, Telvent and Summit Energy constitute the third pillar technological innovation.

It is built around a set of applications, analysis tools and services.
Thanks to open IP protocols, EcoStruxure makes it possible to operate a wide range of applications, analysis tools and services, regardless of the supplier, thus allowing its operation with any type of hardware, system or control device.

Innovate at all levels: a platform with advanced capabilities

EcoStruxure is designed to meet the major challenge for customers to transparently, cost effectively and properly scale IoT solutions.

By bringing together information technology (IT) and operational technology (TO), this redefined platform for IoT brings together three key areas of Schneider Electric’s technological know-how to optimize value for customers.

The launch of the EcoStruxure platform provides a secure and IoT-compatible technological foundation around three key components:

> On-board connectivity and intelligence for smart sensors and on-board computing, IP network connections and state-of-the-art analysis tools;

> A basis for the execution of intelligent operations acting as a whole dedicated to the activities of control, management, automation and optimization;

> An infrastructure for the provision of digital services connected to the cloud and enabling the deployment of cloud applications, analysis tools, services and control and monitoring devices.

Innovate at all levels: architectures of the future and of reference

Schneider Electric relies on a set of key reference architectures to deliver these solutions for efficiency and sustainability to its customers.

These architectures, which benefit from Schneider Electric’s deep expertise and broad portfolio of offers, have been tested, validated and adapted to the specific needs of the Group’s main markets: buildings, infrastructure, industry and data centers.

Architectures specific to production sites, industrial equipment and energy distribution are also offered. With these architectures, customers have documented and standardized systems design models that can be used to build interoperable, sustainable, efficient and connected systems.

How is EcoStruxure ™ deployed?

EcoStruxure ™ is deployed for four end markets, with six architectures on three levels.

Scalable architecture
EcoStruxure ™ is particularly suited to buildings, data centers, industry and the network – areas where Schneider Electric can draw on decades of expertise and hands-on experience.

The solutions offered by EcoStruxure ™ can be deployed on site and in the cloud, with the guarantee of integrated cybersecurity at each level of innovation: connected products, advanced control, applications, analyzes and services .

Scalable architecture

Specialized communities of developers
The Schneider Electric community of developers, data experts, hardware and service partners create and / or co-create solutions and applications that can be flexibly deployed regardless of the level of innovation.

From sensors to services, Schneider Electric’s grounded approach to innovation at all levels increases energy and operational efficiency by harnessing the true business value of advancements offered by IoT.

Connected products:

The Internet of Things starts with the best things. High quality Schneider Electric connected Internet of Things products include circuit breakers, drives, inverters, relays, sensors, and more.
Devices with built-in intelligence enable better decision-making throughout operations.

Peak control:
Critical situation scenarios can be unpredictable, which is why monitoring devices outside the IoT network is imperative. This essential function provides real-time solutions that allow local control to be carried out, thus protecting security and the level of availability.

Applications, analyzes and services:
Interoperability is essential to support diverse hardware and systems in end markets of buildings, data centers, industries and networks. EcoStruxure ™ offers a wide range of applications, analytics and services that enable the implementation of connected, open and communicating systems to manage services and business operations.

The EcoStruxure ™ platform offers a myriad of fundamental technological possibilities that connect the three layers of innovation in IoT solutions, and bridge the gap between IT and OT.

There is a common thread between all the technological possibilities of the EcoStruxure ™ platform. By establishing a bridge between IT and OT, the EcoStruxure ™ architecture enables consumers to maximize the value of their data. In particular, it helps them turn data into actionable insight and make better business decisions.
By bringing together the worlds of energy, automation and software, EcoStruxure ™ enables the contemporary strategic promise of IoT to come true.

What is the value of EcoStruxure ™?

EcoStruxure ™ enables Schneider Electric, its partners and end consumers to develop scalable and convergent IT / OT solutions for:

Maximize energy efficiency and sustainability

Through smarter systems and real-time, data-driven decisions.

Provide mobile visibility and proactive risk mitigation

Through simulation, condition awareness and digitization.

Optimize asset availability and performance

Through predictive analytics and proactive maintenance.

Foster open innovation and interoperability

Through development and partnerships with leading standards organizations and top technology leaders.

Foster smart, productive and profitable activities

By reducing waste and downtime.

EcoStruxure Building 

combines well-established software with hardware innovation to connect everything from sensors to services on a single pillar IP network.

EcoStruxure IT
Ensuring that a data center’s physical infrastructure can adapt quickly to support both future IoT-generated demand and growth, in the cloud and in edge networks, without ever compromising availability or operational efficiency.

EcoStruxure Plant 

delivers sustainable IoT-enabled solutions with ease. Improve operational profitability in a measurable, secure and sustainable way.

EcoStruxure™ Power 

provides a safer, more reliable and more efficient power supply to provide peace of mind and significant financial benefits. Sustainable IoT-enabled solutions are designed to meet specific needs with ease.

EcoStruxure Grid
De l’intégration et la production locale transparentes des réseaux à l’adaptation de l’offre à la demande, EcoStruxure™ Grid optimise l’efficacité pour des réseaux durables.

EcoStruxure Machine
EcoStruxure Machine’s pioneering machine solutions and intelligent automation technologies lead to safer, better connected, more flexible and efficient machines.

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