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Fluke 1742, 1746, and 1748 Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers

Troubleshoot, quantify energy usage, and conduct QoS surveys easier than ever before, that’s what Fluke offers with the 174 * series (* = 2, 6, 8).
The Fluke 1742 three-phase power quality loggers provide quick and easy access to the data you need to make critical decisions about grid quality and real-time power supply.

Fluke 1742, 1746 et 1748


Compact and rugged, the Fluke 174 * Series three-phase power quality loggers are designed specifically for technicians and engineers seeking the flexibility to troubleshoot, quantify power usage, and analyze power distribution systems .

Fully compliant with international power quality standards, including IEC 61000-4-30, and capable of simultaneously recording up to 500 parameters while capturing events, the Fluke 174 * series helps reveal more easily intermittent and difficult to detect power quality problems ever.

The included Energy Analyze Plus software quickly assesses the quality of the power grid at line entry, substation or load level in accordance with national and international standards, including EN 50160 and IEEE 519.

Energy Analyze Plus software

An optimized user interface, flexible current probes, and intelligent measurement verification function digitally verify and correct connection errors to make installation easier than ever and reduce measurement uncertainties.

Minimize time spent in potentially hazardous environments (after logging out for logger installation) by avoiding the complications of wearing PPE by using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) to view data directly on field.

Hardware features

• Measurement of the three phases of voltage and current as well as the neutral current: Leads for the three phases and the neutral and four flexible current probes.

• Complete recording: More than 20 measurement sessions can be recorded on the instrument.
A complete range of variables concerning the power supply and the quality of the electrical network are automatically recorded to have access to measurement trends.

• Excellent precision measurement: Complies with the strict IEC 61000-4-30 class A edition 3 standard for test and measurement techniques and methods of measuring the quality of the electrical network.

• Capture of dips, surges and interruptions: The Model 1748 captures the event waveform and effective profile in RMS with date, timestamp and severity to help identify potential root causes power grid quality problems.

• Measures the key parameters of the quality of the electrical network: Measures harmonics and interharmonics for voltage and current as well as imbalances, flicker and rapid changes in voltage.

• Optimized user interface: Captures the right data every time with fast, guided and graphical application setup performed on the computer and reduce the uncertainty of connections with intelligent verification functionality and the unique auto-correction function for an electrical network quality recorder. An orange light on the units’ power button, which turns green when the error is corrected, automatically signals connection errors.

• A flexible electrical power supply: Direct power supply by the measured circuit, with the widest range available for a recorder of the quality of the electrical network: from 100 V to 500 V or from an extension cord connected to the mains, in order to be able to carry out the tests where desired.

Energy Analyze Plus software

• Robust and reliable: Designed to withstand particularly harsh installation environments, with an IP65 rating when used with an IP65 voltage input adapter.

• Two external USB ports: One for connecting the computer and another for quickly and easily downloading data to standard USB sticks or other USB devices to allow the measuring device to be left in place without disturbing the recording .

• Ethernet connectivity: Wired and wireless connections for instrument configuration and high-speed data download.

• CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V certification for use on line input and in downstream circuits.

• Autonomy: 4 hours of operation (backup time) per charge with lithium-ion battery to withstand temporary power cuts.

• Magnetic suspension kit.


Measurement of all parameters relating to the quality of the network and the power supply.

Measurement of all parameters relating to the quality of the network and the power supply.

The Fluke 1748 model stores over 500 different parameters for each average period.
This allows the quality of the power grid to be analyzed in detail and the link to intermittent events with detailed waveform data, which helps identify the root cause of disturbances.

For basic power quality recording, the Fluke 1746 captures all relevant power related parameters to perform power saving studies and power grid planning with the option to upgrade. full level available for the 1748 model.

For simple energy and load studies, the Fluke 1742 delivers top performance in a rugged package. It can be upgraded to the 1746 model or to the full functionality of the 1748.

simple energy and load studies

Calculates Current Harmonic Limits When downloading data from Fluke 1748 Power Quality Loggers, Energy Analysis Plus can calculate current harmonic limits from installation parameters to predict power overloads. grid in accordance with many international standards. This powerful predictive maintenance feature makes it possible to observe current harmonics after distortion has appeared in the voltage. This can prevent unexpected failures or non-compliance situations and increase the uptime of the system.

Easy to use

The four current probes are connected separately for more flexibility and simplicity. The instrument automatically detects, sizes and feeds the probes.
Spectrum of harmonics up to the 50th harmonic.
Trend of selected harmonics over time.
Detailed tabular display of each harmonic.


Current probes are designed to fit easily into tight spaces between conductors and cover a wide range (from 1.5 A to 6000 A depending on the probe selected) to provide high accuracy in every application

An innovative, flat tension cord that does not tangle makes connections easy and improves reliability. The smart “Check Connection” feature of the instrument can be accessed using the PC setup application.

Cords and connectors

It automatically checks that the instrument connections are correct and is able to correct
digitally connections without disconnecting test leads. If there is a connection error, the power on button will turn from green to orange to indicate that it is necessary to check the connections before continuing.

For greater convenience and safety, the recorders can also be powered directly by the circuit being measured (up to 500 V).
No more searching for power outlets or using multiple extension cords to the recording location,
which comes in handy when the recorder is installed in a remote site or inside electrical cabinets.

Power supply directly from the measured circuit (up to 500 V)

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