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Highlights of WinCC

Universal employment

Designed from the outset for international use, the WinCC configuration interface can be switched between several languages, including four Asian configuration languages. You can also create your project in several target languages and switch between these languages during operation.

The basic system is technologically and sector-neutral, as evidenced by numerous examples from all areas and sectors of machine and plant construction – up to the pharmaceutical industry where WinCC with the appropriate options satisfies the requirements according to 21 CFR Part 11.

All communication channels essential for coupling with SIMATIC controllers, as well as for AllenBradley Ethernet IP and Modubus TCP / IP and non-proprietary channels such as PROFIBUS / PROFINET and OPC, are included in the scope of delivery of WinCC.

The integration of NICT and Business functions is supported by open interfaces, a multitude of options and Microsoft SQL Server, included in the base system for archiving data and acting as an information hub.

All integrated HMI functions

Industrial HMI functions are part of the basic system configuration:

• Fully graphic visualization of processes and process states,

• Operation of the machine or the installation through a user interface that can be customized with its own menus and toolbars,

• Signaling and acknowledgment of events,

• Archiving of measured values and messages in a process database,

• Logging of process data and archive data and

• User management and their access rights.

Quality processes and events are continuously recorded, providing seamless monitoring.

Simple and efficient configuration

Ingenious configuration functions help to drastically reduce your engineering and training costs:

• User-friendly and object-oriented graphic editor,

• Numerous libraries,

• Efficient modular technique,

• Quick changes thanks to online configuration,

• Configuration tool for handling bulk data,

• Visibility thanks to a cross-reference list.

Fully modular, also via the Web

In order to cope with the growing demands, visualization must be able to be scalable at any time, without implying technological flaws or requiring complete reconfiguration. The sustainability of the investment is therefore the main watchword. WinCC offers this necessary end-to-end scalability, from small single-user solutions, web-based operator stations to redundant client / server solutions with central Microsoft SQL Server for data archiving.

Open standards for easy integration

WinCC is firmly committed to maximum openness and integrability: ActiveX controls for technological and sectoral expansions, inter-manufacturer process communication via OPC, standard interfaces for external access to the database (WinCC OLE-DB and OPC HDA), Integrated standard scripts (VBScript and ANSI C), access to system data and functions via the API (Application Programming Interface) using the open development kit (WinCC / ODK), customized extensions of the WinCC graphical editor via VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Integrated Microsoft SQL Server for data archiving acting as an information hub

SIMATIC WinCC integrates powerful and upgradeable data archiving functionality based on Microsoft SQL Server directly into the basic system. The user thus has all the possibilities: starting with efficient archiving of current process data and events, through long-term archiving with a high level of data compression and a backup function, up to a plate centralized information hub in the form of a centralized, enterprise-wide Microsoft SQL Server.

Increased visibility for production with Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence supports production companies in their efforts to reduce the costs of an installation by an intelligent use of information, to avoid waste, to optimize the engagement rate of the means of production and ultimately to increase the level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The functional richness of the system (e.g. statistical functions for measured values and messages in the basic system), unlimited openness, integrated data archiving and a whole series of options guarantee new visibility of the process. production and allow informed decision-making.

Expansion possibilities through options and add-ons

The basic WinCC system forms the basis for a variety of applications. A wide range of sector-specific WinCC options (from Siemens Industrial Automation) and WinCC Premium add-ons (from Siemens partners internally or externally) has been developed on the basis of the open programming interfaces. The WinCC options can be implemented for modular plant configurations, for the integration of Plant Intelligence and IT and Business functions, to increase availability, for basic system extensions and to simplify validation or traceability.

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