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Industrial keyboard

Industrial keyboard

An industrial working environment can lead to the use of a rugged keyboard that is resistant to extreme temperatures, high humidity, resistance to sea salts and dusty environments. In addition, the ergonomics of a workstation, may require the use of a pointing and input device adapted to the space and the configuration thereof.

For more than 15 years, Integral System has offered a very varied range of industrial keyboards and industrial trackballs manufactured by the Belgian company NSI. In order to meet exactly the wishes of our customers, the keyboards are assembled as and when requested.

Our industrial keyboards are found in many applications, industries and professions:

  • Industrial machine
  • Food industry
  • Navy and naval
  • Military
  • Technical Building Management
  • Centralized Technical Management
  • Metallurgy
  • Pharmaceutical industry.

This article only covers a partial overview of our range of “standard” input devices. We can also build specific and tailor-made keyboards, trackballs and touchpads for your projects.

Classic industrial keyboards

Although we still offer versions with a PS / 2 interface, our keyboards all have a USB interface. They are available either in a table version (to be placed on a desk, for example) and in a built-in version (to be integrated into a cabinet door or on an operator panel).

Depending on the ergonomics and the desired functionalities, the choice of keyboard is made according to certain criteria:

  • Keyboard reduced to around thirty keys for driving with or without trackball (integrated trackball)
  • Compact 102 to 106 short stroke keys for control and data entry
  • Full 102 to 106-key keyboard with pointing device (rolling ball, touchpad or industrial mouse)

Some keyboards are backlit for use in dimly lit places or in dim light. Some versions go even further since you can consider using the backlight as a visual alert when a malfunction, for example.

Small and compact keyboards

The so-called “pocket” hardened keyboards are used to control small machines. They are limited in number of keys. The KBM36, however, provides access to all keys of the alphabet in upper and lower case.

The KBMT26 series enables control / command based on function keys and the numeric keypad for entering recipes or instructions. It is associated with a very precise laser trackball to point an input or command field on a screen.

Finally, the KSTC36 has 12 function keys associated with an industrial trackball. The trackball is associated with the direction arrows for a perfect pointing of a control field on a synoptic for navigation applications, machine control, input interface for a public terminal or a security system.

You can access all of our compact keyboards with a very small footprint on our Integral System site.

KBM36F1: Compact 36-key flush-mounted keyboardKBM36S1: 36 key pocket handheld keyboard
KBMT26F1: 26-key flush-mounted pocket keyboard with removable trackballKSTC36F1: Flush-mounted control / command keypad with trackball

We have a fairly wide range of small keyboards for machine control:

  • KBM36: Compact or pocket keyboard 36 USB / PS / 2 keys, IP65 waterproofing, to be built in or to be handled. It allows you to enter all the keys of the alphabet and offers 16 function keys. Colored LED to identify the active function. IP65
  • KBMT26: Ultra compact 26 keys USB / PS / 2 keyboard with removable 38mm optical tracball for cleaning. Function keys and numeric keypad. Built-in and table-top version. IP65
  • KSTC36F1: Compact USB / PS2 driving keyboard with function keys and numeric keypad. IP65.

Compact 102-106 key keyboards

“Compact” industrial keyboards do not have a pointing device. They incorporate a separate numeric keypad with direction arrows.

Depending on the model, they are available for many languages (French, English, Belgian, German, Russian, Norway, etc.). Thus they reproduce the specific features of the arrangement of the keys according to the languages. With the growing need to enter traceability data, membrane keyboards have evolved into keyboards with long or half-long stroke keys better suited for input.

An industrial keyboard equipped with a membrane is generally waterproof and extremely robust.

KST102F: built-in keyboardKST102S: keyboard to put on table
KSM103S: flush-mounted backlit keyboardKSM103B: backlit keyboard to be placed on the table

KST102: Rugged keyboard using keys with 0.3mm travel and tactile feedback from typing. The keypad, waterproof to IP67, is available in a built-in version (F) with silicone gasket supplied and in a table-top version (S). It incorporates a separate numeric keypad with direction arrows. It remains operational between 0 and 60 ° C.

KSM103: Backlit industrial keyboard IP67 with key stroke of 0.3mm. The legend and outline of each key is backlit as standard with white light.

Power is supplied by the only USB port built into the keyboard. The TBX50B1 trackball allows it to be associated with a separate pointing device if desired. This keyboard is also available in a marine approved version (MC1 version). Thus it is quite usable in the whole maritime domain.

Rugged keyboard compatible with military use

MKB104: IP65 keypad MIL-STD- 461F approved

MKB104 is an industrial, backlit keyboard (compatible with night use) for military applications in harsh environments. It uses IP68 waterproof long stroke keys. The housing is made of aluminum with excellent corrosion resistance. Typing on this type of keyboard is easy since it resembles the typing type for consumer keyboard devices. For information, the short-throw keys are comparable to laptop keys, see those available in ATMs.

Industrial keyboards with pointing device

To facilitate data entry on a screen, it is useful to add an industrial keyboard, a trackball, a touchpad or an industrial mouse. The device will point to an alphanumeric entry area or a screen control device (control button, selection button, control area, control object, etc.).

The solution where the pointing device is integrated into the keyboard is discussed below. On the Integral System website you will find plenty of keyboard independent trackballs if you want a fully separate version.

Version with integrated trackball

An industrial keyboard with integrated trackball has several advantages including small footprint and ease of wiring and integration into a table, desk or professional cabinet.

KBMT106F: recessed keyboard / trackballKBMT106S; keyboard / trackball to put on table
KSML106B: backlit keyboard / trackballKFTC89S: 89-key keyboard / trackball

KBMT106: Best-selling IP65 industrial keyboard. It is a 106-key membrane keyboard for recessed or placed on a desk, table or desk. It controls the screen cursor with a 38mm optical trackball. The S table version fits into a 1U drawer for 19 ″ electrical cabinet. It is offered in French, English, German and Swedish.

KSML106: IP65 rugged keyboard with 106 backlit keys with 0.3mm stroke. It can be placed on a table or built in with or without a protective frame. The pointing device is a 50mm trackball in black epoxy resin. The outline of the trackball, the keys and the key legend are illuminated by LED light (8 levels of brightness) distributed by optical fiber.

KFTC89S: Professional 89-key Cherry long-throw industrial keyboard with a built-in 25mm small trackball. The keyboard (IP40) is to be placed on a table or in a drawer for a 19 ″ rack. It has VESA mount. Qwerty only.

Version with integrated touchpad

KBSP106F: Recessed keyboard / touchpadKSTP105RVS: Multitouch stainless steel table keyboard.

KBSP106: IP65 rugged keyboard 106 membrane keys. A light touch of the finger is sufficient. It exists in a table top and built-in version. Very popular thanks to its integrated touchpad. It is compatible for use in a 1U rack drawer.

KSTP105RVS: Table-top keyboard for food processing applications. The keyboard is in a stainless steel case. waterproof IP65. Its integrated touchpad is multitouch and suitable for use with gloves. 105 keys with separate numeric keypad. For breweries, industrial bakeries, automation, vegetable or meat processing, catering, etc.

Industrial keyboard with integrated mouse

Clavier industriel a poser sur une table avec souris intégrée sous forme de molette
Industrial keyboard with integrated mouse

The RKMB105 is an industrial rubber keyboard mounted on a black anodized aluminum structure. IP65, its thickness is only 15mm. The keyboard has 105 keys with a separate numeric keypad. It is available in a table-top version with or without VESA mounting. The backlit version in white with 8 brightness levels. It is compatible with applications requiring night vision or in a low light environment. This keyboard is available in a Cyrillic version.

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