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Machine learning

Le machine learning
machine learning

Machine learning is renowned for being a technology closely related to artificial intelligence. This technology works in large part thanks to Big Data and offers the possibility for computers to manage themselves without having been previously programmed. Integral System offers you several quality references in terms of hardware integrating machine learning capabilities.

Machine learning in brief

Comment l'ordinateur apprend
Machine learning in brief

Machine learning, or machine learning, is one of the major fields of study of artificial intelligence. Although its beginnings date back many years, its meaning remains unclear for many people. We can define machine learning (literally “machine learning”, which is more readily translated as “machine learning) as a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the ability to learn on their own from mathematical and statistical data.

This ability also aims to make artificial intelligences capable of making predictions based on data from statistics. The perceptron, invented by Frank Rosenblatt in 1957, is one of the first learning algorithms to emerge. Today, machine learning has been perfected and proven to be effective time and time again, and is particularly recognized for its speed and accuracy. Fraud, for example, can now be detected in record time (i.e. a millisecond) thanks to digital, social and historical data.

How machine learning works

le machine learning une composante de l'IoT
How machine learning works

As you will certainly have understood, machine learning is a real ally for humans, since it greatly facilitates the collection of data from an industrial machine and then their analysis. This modern technology has the advantage of being able to extract a multitude of data and does not require the intervention of a human. Machine learning goes much further than traditional analytical tools by also exploiting data that is hidden and inaccessible to human intelligence.

In short, a machine learning system can ingest large amounts of data and analyze it quickly and qualitatively. The majority of the equipment at our disposal includes various sensors allowing the collection of countless information in real time. We can consider artificial intelligence to be a reliable and relevant maintenance assistant. Machine learning is particularly interesting when it comes to making a decision during an intervention, predicting and anticipating possible technical failures.

The advantages of machine learning in the industrial environment

Machine learning et IIoT

Machine learning is a big revolution for the industry. With this technology, different equipment and objects can be analyzed and monitored at the same time. Cloud-type support then centralizes the data collected for rapidly exploitable results. As explained above, machine learning has become essential to better manage IT failures and thus prevent complete machine downtime and data loss. As a reminder, malfunctions have inevitable financial consequences in all companies! By predicting failures, machine learning frees technicians who can finally focus on other, more important tasks. This is therefore directly optimized by integrating all of this into an IoT strategy. Wise-PaaS, the IoT platform offered by Integral System and Advantech offers many machine learning features including an SDK that facilitates its integration.

Integral System offers you several quality references in terms of hardware integrating machine learning capabilities. Visit our site to discover our products and contact us as soon as possible for a free quote request. Do you have questions about machine learning? Do not hesitate to write to us by email to explain your request to us. Our advisers are at your disposal to guide you towards the items most suited to your needs.

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