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Motion control: From controller to mechanics

Motion controllers, drives, motors and linear positioning axes, Schneider Electric offers a complete range of motion control products and solutions, adapted to the most specific applications:

  • Packaging.
  • Work of materials.
  • Handling.
  • Impression.
  • Textile.
  • Labeling.

The Schneider Electric motion control range is designed according to the strictest quality criteria.
The products are designed to ensure perfect interoperability of the range, which is based on a complete platform of tools and accessories.

Motion control

All motion control products are designed for maximum simplicity across the entire machine cycle to reduce costs and make processes even more productive.
The products are compatible with almost all standard motion control interfaces, whether mechanical, software or communication.
This makes it possible to design machines that can be easily integrated into existing automation architectures.

Examples of solutions

Example 1

This architecture combines a Modicon LMC058 motion controller, Altivar 32 variable speed drives, TeSys U motor starters, I / O distributed via CANopen interface and Lexium 32 servo drives via CANmotion interface.
This implementation allows for maximum modularity and flexibility, as well as a decidedly open approach due to the use of CANopen, EtherNet / IP and CANmotion interfaces.

Horizontal bagging machines

Horizontal bagging machines

Application functions

(1) Grouping / separation.
(2) Control of the lateral positioning of the film.
(3) Digital film tension control, analog film tension control.
(4) Rotary knives.
(5) Heating temperature control.
(6) Cut on the fly.

Vertical bagging machines

Vertical bagging machines

Machine performance

Synchronization of 4 axes in 2 ms or 8 axes in 4 ms with the LMC 058 motion controller.
Optimal machine productivity thanks to the dynamic control exerted on the motor by the Lexium 32 servo drive.

Quick commissioning of the machine

Easy integration of Lexium integrated drives via the CANopen interface.
Ready-to-use application function blocks and libraries for easy programming.
Simultaneous use of Lexium 32 servo drives and Altivar 32 variable speed drives using unified tools and a software interface, as well as identical mounting and wiring methods.

Motion control products

Motion control products

(01) Modicon LMC 058 controller.
(02) Lexium 32 servo drive.
(03) Lexium BMH, BSH servomotor.
(04) Integrated Lexium 32 servo drive ILA, ILE, ILS.
(05) Lexium MAX R3 multi-axis system.

Others products

(06) Magelis XBT GTO graphic terminal…
(07) OsiSense XCC encoder.
(08) Altivar 32 variable speed drive.
(09) Advantys OTB distributed I / O.
(10) TeSys U motor starter.
(11) Osisense XC / XS / XU / XM / XX… detectors
(12) Preventa XPS MC safety controller…
(13) Harmony Xalk emergency stop button …
(14) Harmony XB4 / 5 pushbuttons and switches.
(15) Harmony XVM signaling unit.

Example 2

A CANopen network associated with a Modicon M241 logic controller, an Altivar 32 variable speed drive, Lexium 32 servo drives and a Magelis XBT GTO display ensure modularity, flexibility and optimal performance on generic machines.

Case packers

Case packers

Application functions

(1) Grouping / separation.
(2) Control of the lateral positioning of the film.
(3) Digital film tension control, analog film tension control.
(4) Heating temperature control.
(5) Lifting and setting down.

Shrinking machines

Shrinking machines

Machine performance

Extremely dynamic positioning due to the 1.6 kHz bandwidth frequency of the Lexium 32 servo drive.
Positioning speed of up to 8 m / s with Lexium PAS B portal axes.


Wide choice of fieldbus modules on the Lexium 32 (EtherNet IP, CANopen, Profibus DP, DeviceNet).
Lexium Linear Motion linear and multi-axis systems adapted to the most specific requirements in terms of length and stroke, with precision of the order of a millimeter.

fieldbus modules on the Lexium 32

(01) Compact NSX circuit breaker.
(02) IEM32 energy meter.
(03) Phaseo switching power supply.
(04) Modicon M241 logic controller.
(05) Modicon TM4 Ethernet Switch module.
(06) Modicon TM3 functional safety module.
(07) Modicon TM3 I / O extension module.
(08) Harmony XALK emergency stop.
(09) Magelis STU HMI.
(10) Wireless and battery-less push button and configurable Harmony access point.
(11) Harmony control and signaling units.
(12) Preventa safety switch.
(13) Altivar 32 variable speed drive.
(14) Altivar 71 variable speed drive.
(15) Lexium 32 servo drive.
(16) Proximity and photoelectric sensors, position switch, OsiSense encoder.
(17) ConneXium wireless Ethernet access.

Controllers for motion control

The “Flexible Machine Control” approach offers a full range of controllers with all integrated motion control functions: HMI controllers, logic controllers and motion controllers.

  • Unified software environment: simplified programming and commissioning thanks to SoMachine.
  • Logic programming and motion control programming in a unified environment, fully compatible with IEC 1131, reducing complexity and programming time.
  • All controllers integrate a set of PLCopen function blocks for the entire range of motion control.

> Synchronization of several axes (16 axes with the Sercos3 network).
> Extensive motion functions such as virtual axes, CAM profiles, electronic equipment, interpolation, and fast response inputs and outputs.
> Advanced application function blocks such as fly cut, rotary knives, group / split and clamp.


(1) Magelis HMISCU HMI controllers: All-in-one device on CANopen architecture. Integrated motion functions for independent axes.
(2) Modicon M221 logic controllers: Motion functions in PTO control.
(3) Modicon M241 / 251/258 logic controllers: PTO or CANopen architecture. Integrated motion functions for independent axes.
(4) Modicon LMC058 and LMC078 motion controllers: CANopen / CANmotion and SERCOS3 architectures.
Advanced motion functions for synchronized and interpolated axes.

Lexium servo drives and servomotors

Lexium 32 is made up of three high performance models of book format servo drives:

> Lexium 32 Compact, Lexium 32 Advanced and Lexium 32 Modular, as well as two families of motors, the versatile Lexium BMH with medium inertia and the dynamic Lexium BSH with low inertia.

  • Streamlined engineering phase and reduced time to market thanks to powerful integration and design software (motor sizing, CAD and cabinet diagrams, support for PLCopen libraries, SoMove commissioning software)
  • Simplified installation with easy access to removable connectors identified by color code, memory cards and multi charger.
  • Memory cards and standardized FDR service for quick replacement.
  • Integrated “Safe Torque Off” safety function.

> Intelligent and modular product design (3 encoder modules = 8 technologies + 5 field buses + safety module + I / O modules).
> Easy and optimized self-tuning, suitable for all levels of expertise.
> High performance motor control.
> Intelligent system to suppress vibrations and jerky movements.
> Lexium BMH motor for applications requiring a substantial load capacity and Plug and Play type movement adjustment.
> Lexium BSH motor for applications requiring high dynamic performance.
> Power range: 0.15 to 20 kW.
> Voltage range: 115-240 V AC, 400-480 V AC.
> Engine speed: up to 8,000 rpm.
> Torque: up to 90 Nm.


(1) Lexium 32 Compact: For +/- 10 V communications or via pulse train.
(2) Lexium 32 Advanced: For CANopen or CANmotion architectures.
(3) Lexium 32 Modular: Motion control using numerous modules.
(4) Lexium 32 HP: 2 ratings 32 and 40A nominal. Power 11KW In Modular version.
(5) Lexium BMH: High inertia.
(6) Lexium BSH: High dynamics.

Lexium integrated drives

Lexium integrated drives bring together in a single compact device a motor, a positioning controller, power electronics, a field bus and the “Safe Torque Off” safety function. They are compatible with the main motorization technologies (servomotor, brushless DC motor, stepper motor).

  • Significant level of integration in planning, design and installation of machines.
  • Reduced costs and simplified installation by reducing wiring, cabinet space, air conditioning and machine size.
  • All the power and performance of a complete drive with motor, but in a small footprint: 36 x 48 x 52 mm (Lexium ILP / ILT).

> Three motor technologies (servo motor, brushless DC, stepping motor) make it possible to combine the advantages of each technology: dynamics, flexibility, precision.
> 8 fieldbuses for fully transparent integration (RS 485, Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, EtherNet / IP).
> Versatile connections via printed circuit connector or industrial connector.
> Integrated EMC filter.
> Quick and easy commissioning thanks to dedicated software.
> PLCopen application function blocks provided.
> Integrated “Safe Torque Off” safety function.
> Autonomous device with integrated controller (Lexium ILP).
> Power range: 100 to 2.2 kW.
> Voltage range: 24-48 V DC, 115-400 V AC.
> Engine speed: up to 9,000 rpm.
> Torque: up to 12 Nm.

lexium servomotor

(1) Lexium ILE: with brushless DC motor.
(2) Lexium ILA: with AC synchronous servomotor.
(3) Lexium ILS: with 3-phase stepper motor.
(4) Lexium ILP / ILT: with 2-phase stepper motor.
(5) Lexium32 integrated: Brushless servo drive, direct AC power supply.

Lexium drives and stepper motors

The range of Lexium SDx stepper motor drives consists of two high-precision stepper drives: the Lexium SD3 3-phase stepper drive and the Lexium SD2 2-phase model.
These drives are associated with two families of stepper motors with perfect compatibility: Lexium BRS3 3-phase motors and Lexium BRS2 2-phase motors.

  • Control without encoder.
  • Instant commissioning without software interface.
  • Integrated “Safe Torque Off” safety function (on the Lexium SD3 28).
  • High torque, avoiding the need for a reduction gear in most applications.
  • Automatic current reduction.

> Power range: up to 750 W.
> Voltage range: 24-48 V DC, 115-240 V AC.
> Engine speed: up to 1000 rpm.
> Superior positioning accuracy.
> Lexium SDx drives and sinusoidal commutation of the motors allow operation free from any resonance.
> High power, 5 engine formats for a torque ranging from 0.07 to 16.5 Nm.
> Positioning synchronized via CANmotion (on the Lexium SD3 28).
> Control via pulse / direction interface or fieldbus (CANopen, Modbus, Profibus DP).
> Wide choice of power categories, accessories and options.
> Compact drive (W 45 x H 37 x D 59 mm for Lexium SD2) and high power density of motors.

Lexium drives and stepper motors

(1) Lexium SD328: 3-phase stepper drive on CANmotion architecture.
(2) Lexium BRS3A: 3-phase stepper motors.
(3) Lexium SD2: 2-phase stepper drive.
(4) Lexium BRS2: 2-phase stepper motors.

Lexium Linear Motion

The Lexium Linear Motion range covers the entire linear positioning sector with Lexium PAS portal axes, Lexium TAS linear tables, Lexium CAS cantilever and telescopic axes, and Lexium MAX multi-axis systems.

  • Intended for axis systems located below, above or opposite the work area, allowing all combinations.
  • Up to three sizes with stroke lengths up to 5500 mm.
  • All combinations of axis types possible.

> Axes with identical adaptation interfaces and motor interfaces.
> Availability of a multitude of versions, eg. for specific ambient conditions (need for corrosion resistance).
> Unified spare parts.
> Optimized parts management.
> Linear axes and multi-axis systems, tailored to specific requirements in terms of length and stroke, with millimeter precision.
> Available with pre-assembled motors and / or reducers.
> Possibility of choosing a complete system integrating controllers, drives and motors.
> Linear axis models: Stroke up to 5.5 m, load up to 150 kg, speed up to 8 m / s.
> Multi-axis models: Stroke up to 5.5 m, load up to 300 kg, speed up to 8 m / s.

Lexium Linear Motion

(1) Lexium MAX: Multi-axis systems for 2 or 3-dimensional positioning solutions.
(2) Lexium CAS: Standardized cantilever and telescopic axes.
(3) Lexium PAS: Gantry axes with fixed body and mobile load carriage.

Unified tools, software and features

> Multiloader: To load and store configurations with unpowered devices.
> Graphic display terminal: To display and adjust parameters with a multilingual interface.
> Bluetooth: For wireless commissioning and maintenance.
> SoMove and SoMove Mobile, SoMachine.
> Unified functionalities:

  • Identical HMI.
  • Identical design and security functionality (STO, SLS, SS1).

Software compatibility

> PLCopen libraries.
> Integration files (EPLAN and CAD).

Unified accessories

> Fieldbus modules.
> EMC filters.
> Braking resistors.
> Line inductors.
> Cables.

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