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MV / LV maintenance

A new offer from the manufacturer Schneider Electric is appearing on the market for the maintenance of MV / LV substations.
This offer is dedicated to SMEs.
Awareness of the criticality of an electrical supply point, of the risks associated with possible malfunctions and of the human, financial, technical, environmental consequences … is not necessarily present in companies.

MV / LV maintenance

To protect employees and preserve production

  • Electrical risks when operating equipment.
  • Risk of fire.
  • In businesses, a large proportion of fires causing damage are of electrical origin.
  • Production stoppages.

A power failure induces the costs of restarting the industrial process, work stoppages, even partial unemployment and also a loss of turnover.

Because employers are responsible

With regard to the labor code (articles R4226-1 to R4226-21)

Obligations as an employer:
• maintain electrical installations in accordance with the design rules applicable to them on the date of their commissioning,
• ensure the monitoring and maintenance of electrical installations and equipment,
• check the electrical installations or have them checked (decree of 2010 1016).

With regard to the control offices

Annual regulatory control is a legal obligation.

With regard to insurers

The annual fee for insurance premiums for SMEs is linked to the quality of installations, equipment and the associated maintenance plan.

The new offer dedicated to MV / LV electrical distribution installations for SMEs

Tailor-made support

• A dedicated contact for a personalized relationship.
• Interventions on the entire HV and LV power perimeter, regardless of the brand of equipment installed.
• Assistance in the implementation of recommendations issued by control bodies.
• A web portal dedicated to the maintenance and monitoring of installations.
• Detailed intervention reports with analysis and recommendations.

Controlled costs

• Possibility of smoothing expenses over several years.
• Options to adapt to needs.

Responsive teams

• National coverage and local stakeholders.
• 24/7 telephone and on-call assistance.

Quality services

• Continuous training of technicians.
• Benefits guaranteed for 1 year.
• ISO 9001 Quality and Safety- Environment MASE certification.
• Guaranteed response time (8 hours clock).

The benefits

Cleaning and control of the room

• Complete cleaning.
• Safety, compliance, environment control.
• Assistance in the implementation of regulatory control recommendations.

Control of the security functions of the station

• Test of the MV / LV transformer protection chain.
• Sampling of the transformer dielectric for analysis (COFRAC accredited laboratory).
• Validation of fuses conformity.
• Test of the MV and LV circuit breaker tripping chain.

Preventive maintenance of station equipment

• MV / LV transformers, MV cubicles, LV circuit breaker and general low voltage switchgear (TGBT): visual inspection, mechanical tests, cleaning, lubrication and tightening.
• Control of capacitor banks and chargers.


• Recording of the installation.
• Delegated organization of network separation with your energy supplier.
• 2-year extension of access to telephone assistance and 24/7 on-call assistance.
• Visual inspection visit (under power) for the 3-year expenditure smoothing option.

Preventive maintenance of station equipment


In France, many company managers believe that the HTA (20kV) / LV (400 / 230V) transformer stations are the property of the energy distributor: Enedis (ex ERDF).
Of course this is false … The distributor’s subscriber who has a monitored power contract with a MV / LV substation owns the latter and must allow the distributor to access it.

But also must maintain this MV / LV substation in perfect condition, to avoid the risks mentioned at the beginning of this article.

In France, LV remains fairly maintained in small and medium-sized structures, on the other hand MV (20 or 15 kV) remains abandoned …

Safety it’s your life !

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