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Network connectivity of schneider electric

Network connectivity: Network connectivity by Schneider Electric

Today, buildings must be more and more efficient and meet requirements of comfort, safety, productivity, reliability and communication.
Schneider Electric’s network connectivity solutions meet these new expectations:

  • by ensuring the interconnection of Voice, Data and Image networks,
  • by allowing dialogue between building applications, such as smart electricity grids, safety, all of the Technical Building Management.

Solutions for the small tertiary sector

Solutions for the small tertiary sector

With its ranges dedicated to installations in the small tertiary sector, Schneider Electric offers an ideal solution adapted to small offices, stores, schools or small administrative buildings for:

  • access the internet,
  • exchange information via the cloud,
  • telephone over IP,
  • share a printer.

These ranges guarantee you simplicity and performance:

  • complete products designed to be easily implemented,
  • high-performance and quick-to-wire RJ45 connectors,
  • level of reliability proven over time,
  • optimization of space in envelopes.
Solutions for the small tertiary sector

Solutions for the medium and large tertiary sector

Solutions for the medium and large tertiary sector

Solutions intended for medium and large buildings must absolutely guarantee the performance requirements:

  • requirements for comfort, safety, productivity, reliability and communication,
  • speed of configuration and mobility of workstations.

These systems allow the interconnection of different building applications, such as building management systems or smart grids.

Solutions for the medium and large tertiary sector

Solutions for data centers

Solutions for data centers

With a density of up to 2,000 connectors per square meter, Schneider Electric has a high added value offer designed specifically to meet the specific characteristics of data centers.

These ranges are based on high performance copper or optical components but also on tailor-made equipment manufactured according to own specifications and then delivered directly to the site.
Guaranteed for 20 years, these solutions allow all types of installation to be carried out with maximum efficiency while securing the customer’s investment and the activity.
Schneider Electric’s network connectivity offer also comes with specialized solutions in the field of electrical continuity: inverters, outlet strips, etc.

Solutions for data centers

Actassi tailor-made services

Prefabrication: from production to delivery
With the production of pre-terminated copper and optical solutions, Schneider Electric supports its customers in the deployment of network architectures.

Reliable and practical

For new installations or renovations of existing buildings, Schneider Electric manufactures horizontal copper distribution links and half-links, to measure, according to your technical specifications:

  • performance level,
  • nature of the paths,
  • types of components.
Actassi tailor-made services

Optical solutions combine the simplicity of the offer with technological innovation with high density optical connectors. In particular, they are equipped with inter-floor bypass in the technical rooms, or inter-bay in the computer rooms.
The offer also meets the specific architectures of Data Centers:

  • high criticality of sites,
  • high density of connection points,
  • energetic efficiency.

Waste reduction on site


  • eliminates cutting and wiring waste,
  • optimizes packaging and packaging waste,
  • limits selective sorting.

Guaranteed delivery on site

Logistics adapted to each site while respecting commitments.

Installation of tested and certified equipment

Each item of equipment is delivered with its performance certificate.

Quick and easy deployment of network infrastructure

Complete pre-terminated system.

A modular and scalable system

  • Length on request.
  • Copper and optical cassette.

TCO reduction

Spare parts available through the SE distribution network providing great autonomy in maintenance.

TCO reduction

Training courses adapted to all professionals

Information technologies and associated standards are constantly evolving.
Regular updating of skills is therefore necessary, which is why Schneider Electric provides a dedicated internship offer, regardless of skill level.

The training courses are organized, in all regions, in sessions of a few days and can be personalized on request (content and calendar).
At the end of these courses, a nominative certificate is given to each participant, as well as a complete case including course materials as well as a Network Connectivity technical guide.

“Copper cabling and optical fiber initiation” (ref. VDICO)

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Targeted skills :
    – be autonomous in the design of a VDI network with Actassi,
    – acquire the theoretical knowledge and techniques for implementing an efficient and scalable network,
    – know the principles of optical fiber and its implementation,
    – generate and interpret a recipe book.

“Fiber optic cabling” (ref. INOPT)

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Targeted skills :
    – acquire basic theoretical knowledge and techniques for implementing fiber optic VDI network cabling according to the latest developments in standardization,
    – carry out the measurements and know how to interpret the certification tests.
Fiber optic cabling

“Design and engineering of communicating infrastructures” (ref. IRBCA)

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Targeted skills :
    – provide all the keys to provide the contracting authority with advice, expertise and decision-making elements in order to optimize the architecture that will support the information system.
    “Advanced solutions for VDI cabling infrastructures” (ref. IRBCB)
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Targeted skills :
    – know the technological and normative environment, market trends and the solutions available to design a high-performance and scalable communication infrastructure.

Encryption and configuration with the Bati Rési Suite software

Bati-Rési Suite is the costing and configuration tool for high-current and low-current installations from Schneider Electric.
It is intended for residential and tertiary buildings.

Bati-Rési Suite integrates three additional modules allowing the design of all projects

  • communication networks:
  • configuration help,
  • enveloping,
  • drawing of bays and boxes,
  • automatic generation of identification labels.
  • equipment supports and workstation paths,
  • electrical distribution boards.
    Bati-Rési Suite is supplied with the ClicEtiq label creation software.
Bati-Rési Suite

Bati-Rési Suite, a really simple and quick tool to use

  • A customizable tool depending on the use (communication network modules, ultra-terminal and electrical distribution).
  • Two operating modes:
    – an Assisted mode for rapid costing.
    – Expert mode to access all available offers.
  • Complete costing, from the technical room to the terminal socket.
  • Automatic labeling.
  • The preview of the envelope (optimized layout of the panels).
  • The possibility of designing the high current and low current networks at once.
Bati-Rési Suite

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