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Programming of a microcontroller


The main difference between the microcontroller and the microprocessor is that in addition to having a computing unit, the microcontroller has internally the program that it will have to carry out according to the application for which it was designed. This operating mode is particularly suitable for so-called “on-board” applications where humans cannot intervene directly and where the desired behavior of the machine is defined in advance. Different customary objects such as computer keyboard or mouse have a mocrocontroller, so to program the microcontroller, it is possible to use different high level programming languages, such as: BASIC, C, C ++, JAVA.Le program produced in the high-level language is compiled in the assembly language designed by the manufacturer of the microcontroller. Then this compiled program will be injected from the PC into the programmable memory of the microcontroller. A high level programming software commonly used for micro-robot programming is JETPROG from the company lextronic. In order to transmit the compiled program to the microcontroller, a hardware programmer for EEPROMs.

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