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Schneider Electric Modicon I / O

Flexibility is the main asset of an automation solution perfectly adapted to customer needs and optimized in terms of costs.
Schneider Electric offers modular I / O Modicon OTB, TM5 and TM7 systems which offer this flexibility and which provide total freedom of design by the realization of local, remote or distributed architectures. Associated with the controllers and the SoMachine ™ software suite, they enrich the “Flexible Machine Control” approach which ensures optimal flexibility. This approach is one of the pillars of the MachineStruxure solution.

Modicon I / O


> Simplification of machine architectures.
> Reduced installation and commissioning time.
> Reduced size of the cabinets.
> Reduction of costs and wiring errors.
> Maintenance facilitated by on-board diagnostics as close as possible to the sensors / actuators.


Modicon OTB: up to 248 I / O

The Advantys Optimized Terminal Block (OTB) network interface module with integrated I / O takes up little space. Its modularity, by adding I / O expansions, allows you to optimize an application, providing the number of I / O needed.
The Advantys OTB module connects directly to a field bus or a communication network.
The field buses or networks available are as follows:
> CANopen.
> Modbus.
> Ethernet.

Modicon OTB: up to 248 I / O

The interface modules integrate 20 discrete inputs / outputs broken down into:

> 12 24 V DC inputs.
> 6 relay outputs.
> 2 24 V DC static outputs.

The connection of sensors and actuators to interface modules and I / O expansion modules is carried out using removable screw terminal blocks. All Modicon OTB modules have an IP 20 degree of protection.

All the bases use a 24 V c power supply. Monobloc type, each Modicon OTB interface module can receive extension modules from the Twido programmable controller range.
Thanks to the Twido I / O extension range, the Modicon OTB offer offers modularity allowing it to be adapted to all needs, from a base that can receive up to 7 extension modules of TM2D .. discrete or analog inputs / outputs TM2A…
The extension modules, like the interface modules, can be installed mechanically by simply snapping on a 35 mm symmetrical rail and allow configurations up to 228 discrete I / O or up to 42 channels to be achieved. analog I / O or a mixture of the two types (within the limit of 7 expansion modules).

extension modules

Modicon TM5: up to 2400 I / O

Modicon TM5 compact blocks offer an economical solution for extending the I / O automation configuration.
They are made up of a solid unit comprising electronic cards, bus bases, and removable connection terminal blocks.
They are combined in addition to the onboard I / O in the various M258 controllers and LMC058 motion controllers and allow configurations that require a large number of “All or Nothing” or analog channels to be achieved at the best cost.

Modicon TM5

The offer of compact TM5 I / O blocks is composed of:

  • A compact block of discrete inputs / outputs, with 12 sink inputs and 8 transistor outputs.
  • A compact block of discrete inputs / outputs, with 24 sink inputs and 12 relay outputs.
  • A compact block of discrete inputs / outputs, with 24 sink inputs and 18 transistor outputs.
  • A mixed compact block of inputs / outputs, with 12 sink discrete inputs and 4 analog inputs, and 6 transistor discrete outputs and 2 analog outputs.
  • Three compact blocks of analog inputs / outputs:
  • A block with 8 voltage inputs / outputs.
  • A block with 8 current inputs / outputs.
  • A block with 4 voltage inputs / outputs + 4 current inputs / outputs.

Whatever compact unit is chosen, the format is the same and corresponds to five I / O expansion modules.

The CANopen TM5 interface module offer is made up of 4 elements:

  • A TM5ACBN1 bus base (a).
  • A CANopen TM5NCO1 electronic interface module (b).
  • A TM5SPS3 electronic power distribution module (c).
  • A removable terminal block TM5ACTB12PS (d).
    The mechanical assembly of the modules on the bus base can be done before mounting on a symmetrical rail.
    These modules offer the following advantages:
  • Removable terminal block.
  • Spring-loaded terminals for connecting the power supply for the interface module and the I / O expansion modules quickly and without any tools.
    In addition, the quality of the spring terminals makes it possible to avoid tightening campaigns.
CANopen TM5 interface module

(1) A mechanical lock for mounting / dismounting on a symmetrical rail.
(2) A bus extension connection on the side of the base for connection to the next module.
(3) A slot for the CANopen interface module with link connector.
(4) A slot for the power distribution module with link connector.
(5) An LED display block for the channels and diagnostics of the interface module.
(6) Two rotary address switches on the bus.
(7) A location for the terminal block cover (label holder).
(8) An LED display unit for the channels and diagnostics of the power distribution module.
(9) A removable spring terminal block with locking tab and slots for color marks.
(10) A 9-way male SUB-D connector for connection to the CANopen bus.

Modicon TM7

The modular IP 67, TM7 input / output system allows the connection of sensors and actuators directly in the machines.
Modicon TM7 blocks are available in different compositions and for different functions:

All or Nothing Blocks

The offer consists of:

  • Three entrance blocks.
  • Three configurable input / output blocks.
  • A block of outputs.

Analog blocks

The offer consists of:

  • Two expansion blocks with 4 inputs for the connection of 4 sensors.
  • Two extension blocks with 4 outputs for the connection of 4 actuators.
  • Two mixed expansion blocks with 2 inputs and 2 outputs.
  • Two 4-channel expansion blocks for measuring resistive temperature probe or thermocouple.

Power supply unit

An optional power supply unit is available for powering the I / O expansion units on the TM7 expansion bus.
This power supply unit is necessary to avoid voltage drops in the following cases:

  • With a CANopen TM7NCOM08B interface block followed by a number (Minimum number) of 4 TM7 I / O extension blocks.
  • With a TM5SBET7 transmitter module followed by a number (Minimum number) of 6 TM7 I / O expansion blocks (in vertical mounting).
  • With a CANopen TM7NCOM16A / 16B interface block followed by a number (Minimum number) of 18 TM7 I / O expansion blocks.
    Note: These limitations are to be weighted with the cable lengths.

Connection accessories

A range of cables and connectors is available for connecting:

  • From the CAN bus.
  • From the TM7 expansion bus.
  • Inputs / outputs.
  • 24 V DC power supplies on the TM7 extension blocks.

CANopen interface blocks with discrete I / O

The CANopen interface blocks offer is made up of IP 67 blocks connecting to a CANopen bus and having discrete channels that can be configured as inputs or outputs, including:

  • A CANopen interface block, 8 configurable inputs / outputs for connection by M8 type connector.
  • Two CANopen interface blocks, 16 configurable inputs / outputs.
TM7 expansion blocks

Examples of architectures

Distributed I / O CANopen example

Modicon OTB + M238 logic controllers or Magelis XBTGC HMI controllers or Altivar IMC integrated controller card.

Distributed I / O CANopen example

Modicon TM5 + Modicon M258 logic controllers or Modicon LMC058 motion controllers.

Modicon TM7 + Modicon M258 logic controllers or Modicon LMC058 motion controllers.

Local or remote I / O

Modicon TM2 I / O extension modules are common to Modicon M238 and Magelis XBTGC.

Local or remote I / O

Modicon TM5 I / O expansion modules are common to Modicon M258 and Modicon LMC058.

Modicon M258 and Modicon LMC058

An extension bus common to Modicon TM5, M258 and LMC058, the Modicon TM7 system allows remote I / O control.

Modicon TM5, M258 and LMC058

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