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SIMATIC WinCC – Basic system

SIMATIC WinCC is a modular process monitoring system that offers powerful automation monitoring functions. WinCC offers full SCADA functionality under Windows for all industries – from single-user configuration to distributed multi-station configurations with redundant servers and multi-site solutions with web clients.

WinCC system software

There are two basic variants of the WinCC system software:

• WinCC complete package (RC: Runtime and configuration license)

• WinCC Executive Pack (RT: Runtime license) Both are scaled in 128, 512, 2k, 8k, 64k, 100k, 150k or 256k PowerTags.

PowerTags only refer to process tags that have a process connection to the controller or other data sources via a WinCC communication channel. Up to 32 messages and 256 configurable analog interrupts can be generated from a process variable. In addition, the system also provides internal variables without a process connection as an additional service.

PowerPacks allow you to increase the number of usable PowerTags. In this way, WinCC follows the development of your application. You can start with the smaller version and add Powerpacks as needed.

PowerPacks also allow the number of available archive tags to be increased from 512 (included in the basic version) to 120,000 in packages of 1,500, 5,000, 10,000, 30,000 or 80,000.

WinCC Comprehensive Support

Through Comprehensive Support, WinCC offers a software update service (SUS – Software Update Service) in the form of a comprehensive support package, which, in addition to the update, provides extensive information and useful software for WinCC.

The automatic dispatch of upgrades and service packs for WinCC ensures that you always have the latest version of WinCC available.

Packages with WinCC executive software

The SIMATIC Panel PC packages with WinCC are optimally matched combinations of HMI hardware and software.

The packs offer the following advantages:

• Easy ordering

• Cost savings compared to purchasing individual components

• Optimally adapted material

• System tested solution

New: The SIMATIC IPC277D Nanopanel PC as a single-user WinCC system – ready for use in embedded technology. It is available with a 7 “to 19” touchscreen.

Nanopanel PC SIMATIC IPC277D

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