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Step 7 training and TIA Portal Siemens

Step 7

Step 7 is the engineering software from Siemens for programming PLCs from the Siemens range The new version of Step7 is provided in the engineering software of Siemens TIA Portal (totally integrated Automation) TIA Portal is a fully integrated software in one which allows programming of Siemens PLCs, panels and axis controllers.

Focus on Siemens PLCs

If we were to name all models of Siemens PLCs, we would spend several hours doing it because there are so many of them. However, we can categorize Siemens PLCs by range. The Siemens PLC portfolio is under the name SIMATIC. This not only encompasses small PLCs used to perform simple logic tasks PLCs intended for more complex systems. Siemens PLCs can thus be classified according to the Logo ranges which are rather logic modules, the S7-200 ranges which are programmed with the microWin software, the S7-1200 ranges which are very compact PLCs and which will be the future successors of the S7-200s, the S7-300 ranges for large applications, the S7-400 ranges

for most of the time in the high availability process industries, the S7-1500 ranges which are the latest generations of Siemens brand PLCs. In addition to these PLC ranges, Siemens has other controllers such as the Industrial PCs (Microbox range) or software PLCs like WinAC.

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