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What is a numerically controlled machine tool (CNC)?

Computer Numerical Control (or more commonly a numerical control system) is a system that allows the position of physical elements to be controlled at any time. This is usually a tool installed on the machine.

This is achieved through a program and a set of additional commands. Both can control the position coordinates of the point (the product’s processing tool) relative to the origin (the machine’s position). In short, we are using GPS, but it has been applied in the field of machining and has higher accuracy.

If we have a cube, each side will have its own unique coordinate. Therefore, to indicate the tooltips by touching each coordinate, just enter the corresponding command in the program. It will be loaded into the computer which will run all the paths. The first number represents the movement on the X axis, the second number represents the movement on the Y axis and the third represents the movement on the Z axis. It is seen that the processing is carried out on a three-dimensional plane.

The principle or CNC system controls all the movements of the tools during manufacturing

It not only controls the coordinates we see, but also how to move between them, their speed and some other parameters. CNC is a fully integrated machine tool of all types including machining, cutting, laser, etc.

The logical question is what is the purpose of the CNC? Well, like we said, it allows us to control the movement of the tool at all times. It also allows us to provide fully customized products to end customers.

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