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Wincc software extensions

Various functional or sectoral extensions of the software are available as WinCC options and add-ons.

The WinCC options are products from SIMATIC development. For these options, you benefit from the consultation service and assistance from the central hotline. These options are available for a multitude of useful extensions of the WinCC basic system and can be freely combined according to your requirements. Here is an overview of the options available for SIMATIC WinCC V.7.

Scalable plant configurations

WinCC / Server: Serves to expand a single-user solution into a powerful (distributed) client / server system with a maximum of 12 redundant WinCC servers and 32 clients.

Information portal in WinCC / Data Monitor

WinCC / Central Archive Server (CAS): For flexible, centralized and optionally redundant process data archiving with max. 120,000 archive tags based on Microsoft SQL Server.

WinCC / WebNavigator: For operating and monitoring the installation via the Internet / Intranet using Microsoft Internet Explorer or the supplied WinCC Web Viewer, without having to modify the WinCC project. In addition to PCs, solutions with thin clients also enable the use of rugged on-premises devices and mobile devices such as PDAs running Windows CE.

WinCC / TeleControl – connects distributed outdoor stations (Remote Terminal Units) with SIMATIC automation components flexibly in the central process visualization system of the entire plant via a WAN (Wide Area Network).

Plant Intelligence and IT & Business integration

The coherent integration of NTIC and Business functions as well as the optimization of production thanks to Plant Intelligence imply the presence of standard interfaces and powerful tools for display, analysis and processing.

WinCC / DataMonitor: Serves for the display, evaluation, processing and dissemination of current process states and historical data (measured values, messages, user data) from the process database. The DataMonitor client required for this can be installed on any desktop PC. DataMonitor offers several tools for display and analysis.

Information portal in WinCC / Data Monitor

WinCC / DowntimeMonitor: Enables the acquisition and analysis of downtime of machine- or line-oriented production units and the derivation of characteristic values, called key performance indicators (KPIs). The analysis of the causes of faults provides information on the frequency and duration of downtimes of machines or installations. The corresponding WinCC controls can be easily integrated into WinCC mimics.

WinCC / ConnectivityPack: Allows other applications to access the WinCC archive via OPC HDA or WinCC OLE-DB, or the current values via OPC XML and transmits pending or historical messages to higher-level systems via OPC (historical) A&E. WinCC / ConnectivityStation allows you to configure any Windows computer that does not have WinCC as an analysis station.

WinCC / IndustrialDataBridge: Supports connection of external databases, office applications and IT systems via WinCC OLE-DB and OPC DA using configurable standard software.

“WinCC / IndustrialDataBridge provides the link between the production level and the IT level, such as databases.”

Increase in availability

WinCC / Redundancy: Increases the availability of the system with redundant WinCC stations or servers, which monitor each other, guarantee the operability of the plant and allow perfect data acquisition.

WinCC / ProAgent: Enables targeted and rapid diagnostics of processes in machines and plants. Thanks to its full integration into the diagnostics of SIMATIC processes, ProAgent offers a consistent solution based on STEP 7, on engineering tools and on SIMATIC S7 controllers.

SIMATIC Maintenance Station: Enables the visualization of maintenance information for all automation systems. The maintenance view is generated from the STEP 7 project, which avoids any additional engineering work.

Validation and traceability

Thanks to the options WinCC / Audit (logging of operator interventions, monitoring of project changes and traceability of production processes through audit trails), WinCC / ChangeControl (management of project versions and traceability of project changes) and SIMATIC Logon (centralized user administration and covering the entire plant) integrated with WinCC user administration and the corresponding measures during engineering, SIMATIC WinCC facilitates compliance with specifications according to 21 CFR Part 11 in the field of pharmaceutical industry, production of active substances and manufacture of medicines, as well as according to EU 178/2002 in the food industry.

SCADA extensions

WinCC / User Archives: Supports the use of user archives, where data can be stored as data records and can be exchanged between WinCC and the PLC in the form of recipes or batch data.

WinCC / Calendar Scheduler and WinCC / Event Notifier – The Calendar options supplement WinCC with calendar-based functions. A common calendar control allows the planning of events and the assignment of validity periods. The Calendar Scheduler can be used to trigger time-based actions and the Event Notifier to send messages about the occurrence of certain events in the WinCC messaging system.

System extensions

WinCC / IndustrialX: Enables the configuration of user-defined ActiveX objects. These objects can be standardized, used multiple times and changed centrally.

WinCC / ODK: Describes the open program interfaces (C APIs) that allow you to access the data and functions of the WinCC configuration and runtime system and even to create your own applications.

Options for energy management

SIMATIC powerrate – provides transparency in energy consumption, from supply to consumer. Energy data is constantly being entered, archived and processed.

WinCC / B.Data – enables users to manage energy optimally and economically in the areas of Controlling, Planning and Energy Purchasing.

“Powerful graphics functions for the highest transparency”

Add-ons WinCC

WinCC add-ons are developed and marketed by other Siemens services as well as by external suppliers. The product supplier provides support for WinCC add-ons and will also be your point of contact when integrating the product into the automation solution.

Add-ons Premium

The WinCC Premium add-ons are high-quality products which are tested in the SIMATIC Product Test Center for compatibility with the WinCC basic system and are primarily followed up by the central SIMATIC hotline. Currently there are WinCC Premium add-ons in the following categories:

• Connectivity,

• Process management,

• Diagnosis and maintenance,

• Technological and sectoral solutions,

• Configuration tools.

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